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Survey measuring sexual assaults brings attention to number of assaults happening on college campuses

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. --New findings by the Association of American Universities shines light on the number of sexual assaults happening on college campuses.

The survey studied more than 25 schools including the University of Missouri to get a closer look at the problem happening across the nation.

The survey, considered to be one of the largest done, has reignited the debate of just how large the problem really is.

It found 23 percent of female college students and five percent of men experience some type of unwanted sexual contact while in college.

Here is a look at where some of our area schools ranked:

Measuring college sexual assault

Measuring college sexual assault

FOX 4’s Nicole DiAntonio spoke to the president of Metropolitan Organization of Counter Sexual Assault who says they see the numbers every day in our community. Now she hopes this study will change the conversation from asking whether or not the statistics are accurate to now asking what we can do to change this.

“What is concerning to me is that we are failing our students in preparing them to go forward and actually know what to do in situations like this,” President of MOCSCA, Julie Donelon, said.

Donelon adds that it is important to start having conversations earlier.