Man warns that local concrete company took thousands and never did the job

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BLUE SPRINGS, Mo. -- Robert Meints likes to keep his home looking sharp. When his 20-year-old driveway started falling apart, he hired a concrete company to repour it. That's when his problems began.

Meints said he paid the concrete company Xtreme Concrete and Outdoor Living $6,500 upfront for the $8,500 job because the man who came to his home "Bob" promised he could start the job the next week.

Except he didn't.

"When he didn't show up I called him," Meints said. "Well I'll be out the next week. Then I called him again, we'll I'll be out the next week."
That's what Meints said he was told every time he called and spoke to Bob, week after week.

By September, four months after hiring Xtreme Concrete and Outdoor Living, Meints finally gave up and hired a new company to do the job. Then Meints called Fox 4 Problem Solvers to warn others about a company that took his money and disappeared.

Xtreme Concrete and Outdoor Living is a new company, according to the Missouri Secretary of State's Office. It formed this year. The company is registered to Sarah Williams, who, according to public records, shares an address with a Bob Williams.

We showed Meints a mugshot of Bob Williams and he identified him as the man he dealt with at Xtreme Concrete and Outdoor Living. According to the Missouri Department of Corrections website, Williams has had a series of problems with the law. He is currently on probation.

We couldn't find anyone at Xtreme Concrete's Blue Springs' office, so we paid a visit to Sarah and Bob Williams home, but no one answered the door. However, we did reach Bob Williams by phone. He accused Fox 4 Problem Solvers of harassing him and told us he is just an employee of the company and doesn't have any of Meints' money. Meints, however, said Bob Williams is the only person he's ever dealt with at the company. If there are other employees, none ever bothered to return our calls.

We encouraged Meints to file a theft complaint with the Raytown Police Department and the Missouri Attorney General's office. Police decided that Meints missing money was a civil, not criminal problem. Meints had better luck with the Attorney General's office, which is now reviewing Xtreme Concrete and Outdoor Living's business practices.

We'll let you know what happens.