Students honor those who protect and serve their Overland Park neighborhoods

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Pleasant Ridge Middle School honored the people who protect the community: Overland Park Police Officers. The ceremony was a part of this year’s school theme called ‘Change The World.’

“You just feel this warm feeling that they’re always going to be there for you,” said Gwen Davidson.

“The police officers are such role models because they do so much for the community,” added Aashna Mehta.

The School Resource Officer and Overland Park Police have been a huge resource for the school and the students wanted to give back.

“Thanking them for coordinating community efforts and preventing crimes and just protecting us,” said Kolbie Christensen.

“Our whole school is showing support by wearing ribbons that show their colors,” said Nicholas Buffo.

Earlier on Friday, students buckled down to finish the gifts. They wrote thank you cards, created wreath, and even made a video. All of it was done to thank the officers and their families.

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