State universities see decrease in enrollment for the first time in nine years

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. --Education leaders are saying that state universities are experiencing an enrollment decline for the first time in nine years, but two local universities say they have not been affected by the decline.

The University of Kansas is one of only two state universities seeing a rise in student numbers. The other is Fort Hayes State.

Across the state, enrollment fell by one percent or nearly a thousand students.

Officials at Kansas State University say enrollment fell by 2.5 percent or 620 students.

State technical colleges say they saw a rise of 6.3 percent.

Education leaders at Kansas State University say the major reason behind this decline is because of tougher academic standards.

For example, the average ACT score for freshman applying to Kansas State last year was a 24.9, which is the highest average score in school history.
As for community colleges across the state, the report shows there was also a decrease in students enrolling.

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