Blessed with their first girl, parents say Royals’ World Series run was the charm they needed

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LOUISBURG, Kan. -- The Royals' 2014 World Series run was the lucky charm for one local family who had been praying for a little girl.

Born on July 24th, it's believed little Everly Royal Pemberton was conceived after game six of last year's World Series. Now she's set up for a life of being truly “For-Everly Royal.”

With every crack of the bat, each base stolen, and pop fly caught, Kansas City rejoiced for the Royals' success. The excitement was overwhelming, contagious, even life changing, at least for the Pemberton family.

"We were pretty excited. I mean there was a lot of excitement in the air already, and that just added to it," said Eric Pemberton.

The excitement started over the Royals' first World Series run in 29 years, and it just grew once Heidi and Eric Pemberton found out they were having baby number three.

"We were trying to have a girl, and we kind of got frustrated because we couldn't have one for a while," said Heidi.

Thanks to a victory in World Series game six, well, they hit a home run with Everly Royal Pemberton.

"It's different, you know, people knowing how it kind of went down you know, in a way, but she's here, and she's very beautiful, and she has a cool name, that you know we can remember that time- the magical run they had," said Eric.

From her headband adorned head to her crown-covered feet, the little girl was the miracle they were waiting for, and they say they partly have the Royals miraculous season to thank. It's why they named her "Everly Royal"

Unique names aren't a unique idea for the Pembertons, however.

"Our son is Brody Danger, so we knew we had to come up with something really good," said Heidi.

Everly is part of a number of babies who were reported to be conceived due to the Royals' success last fall in the Kansas City area.