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Football isn’t the only thing bringing people to Arrowhead Stadium

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Football isn't the only thing bringing people to Arrowhead Stadium these days, in fact it’s art which is attracting people who aren’t exactly sports oriented.

"Even though I`m not really that much of a football person, I like how the stadium is becoming more cultural,” said Milo Chaffin, an art student.

Local art students from Kansas City Academy visited Arrowhead Tuesday to tour the Arrowhead Art Collection.

"The Arrowhead Art Collection was something that the Hunt family started in 2012, as part of the Arrowhead renovation that took place in 2010," said Anne Scharf, the Director of Foundation and Development for the Chiefs.

Scharf says the Hunt family was looking for ways to bring in the community all year round, not just on game days.

"It was built as a regional collection, it really doesn't have anything to do with football, and has more to do with themes and topics that are important to the community in Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Nebraska and Iowa," added Scharf.

The students are part of a portfolio prep class and are honing their craft, hoping to make a career from their creativity.

"It`s really cool putting thoughts onto paper or onto film or anything like that," said Chaffin.

Dozens of art pieces fill the stadium, all from artists who have a tie to this region.

"As part of this collection, they also worked with local educators to build a curriculum to go along with the collection, so all year round, any day of the year, students are able to come to the stadium and look at the art," Scharf said.

On Tuesday students had opportunity to meet and learn from one of the artists in the collection.

Between this and the tour, students say it's an experience you can't get in the classroom.

"It`s just more hands on. It`s more engaging, definitely," said Chaffin.