Mizzou Athletics continues to enhance postgame football traffic

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COLUMBIA, Mo. – Mizzou has made enhancements to better alleviate postgame football traffic congestion at Stadium and Providence.

Earlier this year, Mizzou Athletics unveiled a plan to help alleviate postgame Mizzou Football traffic around Memorial Stadium by introducing the I-70 Express. After the first two home games at Memorial Stadium, Mizzou Athletics has analyzed feedback and is happy to announce a plan to help fans have easier access to the I-70 Express following Mizzou home games.

Below are a few notes that fans are encouraged to follow to help with postgame traffic congestion:

  • Northbound Providence at Stadium will be divided into two separate lanes at Champions with one lane turning left (west) onto Stadium and the other being allowed to go straight (north) on Providence. Fans are encouraged to use the left lane to avoid heavy congestion on Providence just north of Stadium.
  • While this may seem out of the way, with the I-70 Express, it will actually be much quicker than waiting for northbound Providence to clear. The lights on Providence add to congestion in that area, making it one of the most gridlocked roads following games.
  • Fans directed south on Providence are encouraged to not make U-turns at Green Meadows or Nifong to head northbound on Providence. This only adds to congestion. Alternative routes will be faster than heading back northbound on Providence.
  • Once again, while these routes may not be the most direct to get to where you are going, they are in fact the fastest routes with the least congestion. Fans are encouraged to go five minutes out of their way to save 45 minutes sitting in traffic.
  • Real time traffic updates can be found postgame by following @MizzouGameday on Twitter.
  • An instructional video of the changes can be viewed here.

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[Information from Mizzou Athletics press release]