Shawnee police seek man in connection with shooting where 16-year-old girl was injured

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SHAWNEE, Kan. -- Police are looking for a man in connection with a shooting inside a Shawnee apartment Thursday morning. A 16-year old girl was shot in the leg at Fox Run Apartments.

Shawnee police aren’t the only ones looking for 19-year-old Drew Valentino Williams. So is a judge, as Williams was supposed to be in court on Thursday. He just bonded out of jail Tuesday, now there’s a bench warrant for his arrest for failing to appear, and he could be facing even more serious charges if he’s connected to the shooting.

Drew Williams is sought in connection with a Shawnee shooting that happened on October 1.

Drew Williams is sought in connection with a Shawnee shooting that happened on October 1.

Brian Beebe’s 15-year-old son and some friends were watching TV inside the townhome in the 7600 block of Goddard Street. Beebe went to sleep, leaving the kids in the living room. At 1:30 a.m. he awoke to the sound of gunfire.

“She was screaming, crying, hollering for help saying she got shot,” he said.

The victim, a 16-year old girl shot in the leg, was laying on his couch. Beebe tried to track down the shooter, but could only follow a trail of blood from his home.

“The guy and the girl said he shot out of the house and took off,” Beebe explained.

Police set up a perimeter, but gave up the search for the suspect by daybreak. They now are seeking Williams in connection with the shooting. He was booked into jail four times in the past year. He’s 5’9, 133 pounds and has his name, "Drew" tattooed on his hand. He also appeared to be bloodied from whatever happened in the apartment somehow.

The 16-year-old girl was treated at a hospital and released. Beebe says he’s just glad no one else, including his son, was hurt. He says as a result of this, he’ll be making some changes in his approach to parenting.

“I was letting people come in and out of here without really checking them out, but I need to maybe introduce myself to their parents or find out what they are really about,” he said.

One of the conditions this month for Williams release from jail on burglary charges was actually that he not have any firearms. His bond has now been upped to $50,000 on the previous cases. Anyone with any information on his whereabouts is asked to call the TIPS Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.