Florida bus aide caught on video giving student the middle finger

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VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. -- Parents in Florida are outraged after a school bus monitor is caught on camera giving a student the middle finger.

Students on the bus say it all started with a bag of chips.

In the video the bus aide is seen arguing with the student and then threatens to write him up.

The driver steps in, warning they are on camera, but that doesn't stop the monitor who then gives the student the middle finger.

Fifteen-year-old Ryan, who did not want to show his face on camera, says the student has a medical condition and needed to eat.

"Apparently, he had a doctor's note that he was supposed to be eating the chips on the bus,” said the student named Ryan.

"My mind was just 'wow. Am I really seeing this right now?'" he recalled. "Yes, it was a smart-aleck response but I don't think there's any excuse for her giving the middle finger and being physical with him.”

The school district leaders say they are aware of the video and has notified the transportation department.

They could not make any further comments while the investigation is underway.