Impossible to miss, ‘Moose Man’ thrilled with the buzz surrounding the Royals

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- He`s known to Royals Nation as 'Moose Man'; a local guy who`s gained national attention for toting his moose antlers into nearly every home game as an ode to his favorite player, Mike Moustakas.

Craig Rookstool has made quite a name for himself among the Kauffman Stadium faithful, standing out among the crowd when he arrives to home games in his 'Moose Mobile.'

The jacked up blue Land Rover is decked out with those impossible to miss moose antlers towering over the top. He bought them before the 2014 World Series and they`ve become a must-have photo-op for many fans.

Rookstool says the attention is cool, but being a Royals fan is about so much more for him.

“Anytime you`re a part of something that`s bigger than yourself, it`s really exciting. So it`s a buzz, it really is,” Rookstool told FOX 4.

“And I go home at night and I`m just like, wow! To be a part of this family and this city, and to have all of this going on together, it`s just a great time.”

Rookstool says he`s using all the recognition for a good cause. He`s now working with the Peace Partnership, a non-profit children`s counseling center.