Like their owners, pets can show their True Blue colors with Waggiwear

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Royals fans show their team support with T-shirts, hats and hoodies. Now, man’s best friend is showing they can be true blue fans, too.

A Royals collar is what every fashionable four-legged Royals fans wants to get their paws on, and it’s a popular items at the Brookside Bakery.

Dogs Milly and Maggie love showing their support for their hometown team, just like their owners do.

Linda Brown is the woman behind Waggiwear, a business started by accident.

“I made gift for a friend and it just blew up from there,” Brown told FOX 4.

Now she makes collars for any sport team, along with leashes and neckties. Each one is handmade, with her signature ‘Waggiwear’ label sewn on. But the Royals collars have been in most demand.

“Just went off the charts on the Internet, and other stores have been ordering them. They’re doing really well now that we've clinched,” Brown said.

She's stocked up on more material in anticipation for a long postseason sewing session, so dogs like Milly and Maggie can sport their collars, jerseys and be ‘Fur-ever Royal.’

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