Mini ‘KayCee’ brings glee to the Kauffman crowd

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Royals fans are hoping fan favorite KayCee will make his way along the wall of the Royals Hall of Fame and post a W Friday after Game 2. Another much smaller fan will be in the crowd ready to hold up a W.

Brayden, better known as mini-KayCee, started dressing up as his hero during the Wild Card game last year, and has continued doing it ever since. He says he loves the attention, as fans love to get their pictures taken with him.

"I was in the Royals stadium and I got like three pictures and I got like 45 more in the next two minutes," Brayden Walker said.

He's even got to meet the real KayCee, a Royals historian, and you can see the outfit, and mustache match almost to a T.


"What did he say when he saw you? "That I looked exactly like him," he answered.

"It came up as an idea from a friend and we decided for him to be that for Halloween," his father Burke Walker said. "We'd been out there enough to know that's a good idea let's get him dressed up and he'll enjoy it, having no idea what it would turn into exactly."

Brayden plays first base and says his favorite player is Eric Hosmer. He said though he'd like to take over for KayCee some day, he'll pursue a Major League career first. And he might not be the only one is his family getting attention. This year's Halloween costume for his brother, mimicking the Kansas City Cats.