New Thomas Hart Benton exhibit at Nelson-Atkins Museum

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A new exhibit opening at Nelson Atkins turns the spotlight on a great Kansas City artist and how movies influenced his art.

Benton in Hollywood opens Saturday and showcases Thomas Hart Benton's time working in Hollywood.

There are more than 100 works of art collected from museums across the country.

Benton visited movie sets in the 1930's and used his brush to show the common people working behind the camera.

His most famous commission came in 1939 when he painted the poster for "The Grapes of Wrath," and his gritty style influenced the way the movie was shot.

"Benton was very interested in telling American stories, and he was witnessing the rise of Hollywood and the power of motion pictures, to tell stories as well," curator Stephanie Knappe said. "So he I think wanted to find a way for his art to compete with that big silver screen storytelling."

The exhibit runs from Saturday until January 3rd.

There is a cost for non-members, but it's free for all to see on Thursday nights.

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