Residents root for recovery of therapy dog healing from gunshot wound

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Residents at an Overland Park nursing facility are rooting for the recovery of their "mascot," a therapy dog shot at a home break-in earlier this week. Thursday, the staff and people at Villa Saint Joseph explained just how much the dog means to them.

Police say someone broke into an Overland Park home Tuesday afternoon, ransacked the house and shot and family's dog: an eight-year-old therapy dog named Meeko.

Meeko's owner brings him to the Villa Saint Joseph twice a week, every Tuesday and Thursday, to spend time with the people who live there. The Cocker Spaniel Golden Retriever mix is recovering an ICU at an animal hospital, and it's good news that brings comfort to his friends who look forward to his company and companionship.

"Meeko comes to me. I don't care where I'm at in this complex. He would have his paws right there and look me straight in the face," 81-year-old resident Alfred Ratzell said.

"Those big brown eyes, it's just hard to think that someone could shoot Meeko," Administrator Kathy Ensign said.

Overland Park police are working to figure out who broke into that home and shot Meeko. Investigators ask you to call Crimestoppers (816-474-TIPS) if you have information that can help them.