Royals fans on a mission to bring Royal Family to Kauffman

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Trading in Buckingham Palace for Kauffman Stadium – two guys from the metro are on a mission to bring the Royal family to a postseason Royals game.

Wayne Kaufmanschmidt and Paul Behnen are the brains behind Royals 2 Royals, a social media campaign created to rally support for a Royal family trip to KC. The duo controls the Twitter account @Royals2Royals and is pushing the hashtag, #Royals2Royals.

“We figured the fans are crazy,” Kaufmanschmidt said, “it’s the postseason, now is the time to get a ground swell and make it happen.”

They’ve have posted some pretty creative pictures of what it would be like to have the British Monarchy at the K for game day, including selfies of a cardboard cutout Queen Elizabeth and a photoshopped picture of Prince William, Kate and baby George toting Kansas City’s famous barbecue sandwiches at a game.

“We’ve started a Facebook page,” Behnen said. “We’ve started a website. We’ve started a Twitter page, and we just think if we could get people behind it, it could happen. We could get a response from them, we could get an email back, or better yet, Prince Harry could hop on a plane and come over and catch a game.”

Their hope is to get Royals 2 Royals trending on Twitter, with the end goal being to get a member of the British Monarchy to throw out the first pitch for Game 1 of the World Series, should the Royals make it that far again this year.