Win or lose, KC fan creates videos sharing outcome for the Boys in Blue

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- An ardent Royals fan has created 162 videos tallying every win and loss for the Boys in Blue this season. The metro man is gaining national attention for his creativity and dedication to the team as the postseason gets underway.

Scott Jones is from Lee`s Summit, but when he moved to Los Angeles 12 years ago he was separated from his beloved Royals. So this year, he decided to show his support from across the country by making 162 unique videos telling other fans whether the team won or lost.

Some are simple and only took a few minutes to make, while others featuring graphics and special effects took up to two hours to create. The fan filmmaking is a time-consuming hobby Jones does in addition to his day job at Disney, where he writes promotions and shorts.

FOX 4’s Katie Banks asked what motivated him to do this.

“I won`t lie, it`s fun to get followers and likes. It sounds shallow, but it`s fun. It`s very validating and I just enjoy it,” Jones said.

“I also like the creative thought-process. I like that every day I`ve got a deadline and I`ve got to think of something new, and I`ve got to finish it and it`s just satisfying to have completed something. And to complete it 162 times is like, I`m a little surprised at myself, honestly.”

Jones said he brainstorms new concepts each day, and keeps a running log on his cell phone so he can document each bright idea.

As for the postseason - he won`t disappoint his followers. He`s already pre-shot several videos - each one saying yes or no - depending on how his Boys in Blue perform on the field.