Kansas City Royals fans head to antique stores to find unique team memorabilia

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Royals fans are hitting local antique shops in search of team memorabilia.

“It all represents the eras past and the history of this team,” said shopper Phillip Wall. “The Royals didn’t just begin in 2014, this team has been around since 1969 and there’s a lot of history.”

Staff at Westside Storey Antiques said they are selling vintage Royals bobble heads for $150 to $500.

“The true sports fans, the people who love the memorabilia, the ones that you know just want to relieve those moments when they were kids,” explained manager Timothy Williams. “They don’t make stuff like this anymore, so they find it cool to have for the memories.”

Staff over at River Market Antique Mall said Royals items are selling as fast as they get them in the door. FOX 4 caught up with shoppers there who were searching for a special find.

“It’s old and new which is a lot of fun,” said shopper Mark Feitz. “Growing up and looking back with my little one I see some things my parents had for me when I was little and I think it’s really cool.”

Shoppers said getting Royals gear from antique shops means it comes with more than a price tag, but a memory too.

Shop owners at Westside Storey told FOX 4 prices are not on the rise for unique Royals items, however, as the team does well the items sell faster.

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