Good Samaritan helping his sister during fire also assists pair in need

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Firefighters had to raise a truck ladder to reach two people trapped inside a burning building on Monday night. They only speak Vietnamese, so it was hard for them to communicate with first-responders.

Justin Chu was there for his sister, but was also able to offer extra help. A fire engulfed the apartment building where Justin Chu’s sister lived. She called him asking for help.

“They opened the door and looked into the hallway and saw so much smoke. They were so scared they weren’t able to get anything,” he said.

He said everyone was shaken up by the massive fire, including the last two people rescued from the burning building. He said the pair only spoke Vietnamese.

“They didn’t want to go to the hotel because they didn’t speak English, they were scared. They asked me to drive them to find relatives,” Chu said.

He says they asked him to help, so he did. He says the man and woman were older and claimed to be siblings. Chu drove them to around to find family.

After failed attempted to find family, Chu said he had to stop trying. It was just after midnight and he says his kids who were also in the car … needed to go home and rest.

“It’s sad. That’s why I wanted to do whatever I could for them,” he says.

He asked a police officer to take the two over to the hotel the Red Cross provided. Chu says he hasn’t been in contact with them since, but hopes they are well.

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