Royals postseason fever puts blue dye in high demand

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- There’s a Royals fever raging and the only cure is to wear more blue. Blue is the color of the year this baseball season, and businesses are working hard to meet the demands.

There’s no busier day at Game Time Graphics than after a Royals win. By morning, more than 5,000 newly printed shirts were ready for shipment.

“We work with 25 different locations. Everyone kind of gets excited and that’s just how it works,” said owner David Curtis.

The remaining teams fighting for the World Series title all sport some variation of blue. That means the dye used to print shirts might be in short supply much like last year. Except this time suppliers are ready.

“Blue is Kansas City. We are the Kansas City Royals. We bleed blue. That’s what we are,” said Timothy Williams, who works at The WestSide Storey.

After the 2014 Wild Card game, anything blue that you could wear was flying off the shelves. That was the case at WestSide Storey. But support doesn’t stop at the Royals, it’s for all of Kansas City.

“I got a fever and the only cure is royals baseball. Go blue,” said Williams.

Blue is the color to wear this baseball season and businesses are embracing it.

“Everything we do now is all on blue,” Curtis said.

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