6-year-old boy fatally shoots 3-year-old brother in Chicago

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CHICAGO (AP) — Chicago police say a 6-year-old boy accidentally shot and killed his 3-year-old brother while playing "cops and robbers."

Police say the two boys were playing Saturday evening when the older boy reached on top of the refrigerator and grabbed the loaded handgun and then accidentally shot his brother in the face. The boy was rushed to a hospital, where he died later that night.

Police subsequently arrested the boys' father, 25-year-old Michael Santiago, on a felony child endangerment charge. During a court hearing on Sunday, Assistant state's Attorney Joseph DiBella said that Santiago bought the gun off the street.

The Chicago Tribune quotes DiBella as saying Santiago kept the gun for protection because he was a former gang member who had snitched on a gang member in a murder trial.

The judge set Santiago's bail at $75,000.