Fans pack up and head home after Kansas Speedway’s NASCAR weekend

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- Thousands of exhausted NASCAR fans were back on the road Sunday night, headed home after a weekend at Kansas Speedway.

"We just have a good time, we cook out, we watch the race and couldn't be better," said James Cooley.

Cooley and a group of friends have been renting the same spot to park their RV for nine years in a row. He said it has a great view, and that the group knows all the people in the neighboring RVs.

"When you get here it's almost like going to a family reunion," he said. "Everybody is wondering where are they at, where are they at."

Cooley and his group traveled in for the race from Fort Worth, Texas. He said they are headed out of town Monday but knows they will be back in the same spot next time.

"NASCAR is an event that's wrapped around the people," said Mike Kunkel. "It's a party where a race breaks out."

Hundreds of fans stayed at the track Sunday night after the race to camp out one more evening by the track.