Mourning family remembers 6-year-old girl one year after she was killed in drive-by shooting outside gas station

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – One year has passed since a six-year-old girl was shot in the head at a metro gas station. A bullet that wasn’t meant for her, struck Angel Hooper at a 7-Eleven last October. On the tragic anniversary, her family is going back to the scene to honor Angel and make sure her name is never forgotten.

“It's just like a flashback of that day,” said Ashley Newson.

Newman had a rush of emotion standing next to the 7-Eleven on Blue Ridge Boulevard. She rushed there one year ago, after getting calls her six-year-old cousin, Angel Hooper, had been shot and killed.

“I just imagine the scene, just what actually happened that day,” she recalled.

Newson drives by this gas station every day and each time feels an emptiness.

“I miss her smile. I miss her laughs. Her hugs. She was just so sweet,” Newson said.

That’s exactly what Angel’s family doesn’t want anyone to forget. Newson is in the process of adopting the street and naming it ‘Angel Hooper Lane.’ She has plans to post pictures of Angel and to come by after work to clean up the sidewalks.

“It just helps me. It helps my grieving process. The more things I do for her in her name and her honor. I will still continue to scream her name and keep her memory alive,” she said.

The suspects in Angel’s case are set to take the stand in trial in November. LeAndre Smith and Howard Chase are both charged with second degree murder. Jackson County prosecutors say they were shooting at someone else. Both men have pleaded ‘not guilty.’

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