Metro students enjoy being read to during ‘Read Across the Globe Day’

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MISSION, Kan. -- Monday was a special day for reading worldwide.

Sometimes it’s easier to understand words when someone is reading aloud. That’s the case for 10-year-old Ryleigh Touart.

“I need help reading so I like people reading it. It doesn’t put that stress on me,” said Touart, who attends Horizon Academy; a school designed for students with learning disabilities.

On Monday, these students went on an adventure with ‘Cinderella.’ Just one of the many books read on ‘Read Across the Globe Day.’

“I like people reading it to me. It’s different. It feels like they’re in the book than when I read it,” she said.

Studies show that reading aloud helps children develop language and listening skills.

Patrice Maloney, a teacher at Horizon, says she encourages her parents to read to their children every night.

“Especially if it’s a word they’re struggling with, if somebody reads that word and talks about the sound and the word. It’s going to help them read,” said Maloney.

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