Northland teen suffers savage beating, 17-year-old boy and his mother charged

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A Northland girl suffered a savage beating at the hands of teens she says she thought were her friends. Even the mother of one of the kids joined in the violence, which was captured on cellphone video. The attack happened last month in Winner Park.

On Thursday the Jackson County prosecutor filed second-degree robbery charges against Shane Shafer, 17 and his mother, Shelly Matthews, 36.  Matthews has also been charged with third degree assault. Arrest warrants have been issued. Neither suspect was yet in custody as of Thursday.

Jordan Koontz, 15, said she thought she was safe among friends, including one of the teen's mother. The home-schooled girl says she was just hanging out at an Independence home with a couple of girls and three boys, when the group turned on her.

Video taken of a teenager reportedly being beaten at Winner Park.

Video taken of a teenager reportedly being beaten at Winner Park.

Cellphone video obtained by FOX 4 News shows the brutal beating. Several teens joined in the kicking and punching, including, she says, the mother of one of boys involved. According to the probable cause report from prosecutors, the mother, Shelly Matthews, began yelling at her and told her to leave the residence. Matthews is accused of grabbing Jordan by her hair and throwing her to the ground.  Jordan says Matthews and her son, Shane Shafer, 17, kicked and punched her and then the group reportedly drove her to a park, where they allegedly demanded she hand over her mother's iPhone 6. When Jordan refused a girl took it from her and the group attacked. You can hear someone on the video tell Jordan: "That's why you got phone jacked." A woman later says in the video that she hit Jordan so hard her fists hurt.

"They kicked me in my ribs really bad," Jordan said. "They left, they got in the car at first and then they came back and beat me up again. And they were kicking my ribs, then they kicked in my face. Afterwards I coughed up a little blood."

"I told them, 'Stop! Stop hitting me.' Eventually they stopped and I ran. I ran up the street to someone's house," said Jordan.

Jordan says she ran from the park to a nearby home where she called her family. Her mom filed a report with Independence police, and gave detectives a copy of the video after it circulated among Jordan's friends.

Her mom regrets not taking her to the hospital.

"She just had a cut right here, and they already cleaned her up so there was no blood or nothing," said Karla Koontz.  "She said her ribs hurt really bad because they were kicking her in the ribs. I should have took her to the hospital. I didn't because my blood was boiling at that point."

On October 13, Koontz took her cell phone to the police after she received a video from a friend, who said Shane Shafer took video of the assault.