Hundreds of reporters from all around the world visit KC to cover the World Series

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Ahead of Game 1 of the World Series, hundreds of sports reporters from around the world converged on Kauffman Stadium for interviews with players and coaches on Media Day.

They come from near and far, from the Midwest to the East Coast, to Japan, Venezuela, Brazil, Korea and beyond.

One reporter who is a household name with baseball fans, MLB Network’s Heidi Watney, shared her thoughts on being in Kansas City for October’s big show two years in a row.

“Kansas City is a great city,” Watney told Fox 4’s Katie Banks. “It’s kind of underrated, I feel like, outside of this [baseball] world. But I really enjoy just being here in general and going to the restaurants and Country Club Plaza and all of that. Covering the royals as a team has been a lot of fun. They’re a great group of guys.”

Watney said the Royals seem like one big happy family, and she’s impressed they have managed to remain humble amidst all their success.

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