Police continue search for hit-and-run driver who injured 12-year-old Blue Springs boy

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BLUE SPRING, Mo. -- Police in Blue Springs are still searching for a driver who they say hit and injured a young boy last week.

12-year-old Sergio McCullough says he was walking near NE Jefferson when a driver hit him and then fled the scene without stopping to check on him.

"It's been hard because I usually like to play a lot of sports, but now I can barely do anything," McCullough says.

For almost a week now, the seventh grader hasn't been able to step outside and play his favorite sport, which is basketball. The young medal winner is at home, sidelined of sorts on his family's couch, unable to walk on his own while he is recovering from a serious ankle injury.

"Yeah, in the mornings I'm especially in a lot of aching pain.," McCullough says. "I have to take pain meds now."

The boy says around 6 p.m., last Thursday he walked down NE Jefferson Street in Blue Springs, partly on the road and in the grass, as he headed to a gas station for some candy.

"I walk to that store all the time," McCullough says. "I have to walk a little on the grass and in the road because there aren't any sidewalks. Kids around here, we do it all the time."

McCullough says when it started to get dark outside he changed his mind, turned around and walked back home when suddenly a man in a black SUV hit him.

"I was walking straight," McCullough says. "The car was behind me. When I turned, he was swerving and then came over my foot. I fell . My right leg was numb and I just got up. I just stood up on my left leg like hopping, and, I was in a lot of pain."

McCullough's older brother called 911. Paramedics arrived and rushed the middle-schooler to the hospital. Hours later, McCullough underwent surgery.

As for the driver, McCullough says he never stopped to check on him.

"I just wished he would have stopped to help me," McCullough says. "He just kept going. I was mad, and I was hurt."

"As a parent, I am furious," says the boy's frustrated mother, Jami Mosley.  "My child could have been killed and whoever hit him just didn't care. To leave any injured person out in the middle of the street after you know that you hit them and hurt them, is just wrong."

"This neighborhood is full of kids and people are always speeding up and down the street," Mosley adds. "It's disturbing. I would like for whoever the person is that hit my son to come forth and be honest. That's a 12-year-old boy. His spirit's crushed. He keeps asking me Mom do you ever think they're gonna find the driver."

"I would tell him like it wasn't right what he did because he kept going, instead of helping me, " McCollough says.

McCollough heads back to see his doctor on Thursday.

Police say they do not have a good description of the driver who hit the boy, and they're asking anyone who saw anything to call the Tips Hotline at (816) 474-TIPS or (816) 474-8477.

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