World Series expected to bring lots of ‘green’ to Kansas City as fans flock to cheer on boys in blue

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The World Series is big business not only for the boys in blue but also for Kansas City area businesses. Each game played at Kauffman is expected to generate around $5 million to the community according to Kansas City's convention and visitors Bureau.

A local economist says it's difficult to gauge the economic impact from the World Series unless he knows how many people from outside the region are coming to Kansas City to spend money. He says people who live in Kansas City and spend money can't truly be used in the equation because they would spend their money in the city anyway.

While  the World Series has people in Kansas City excited for the boys in blue, there are a lot of people who are also seeing green.

Kyle Witherspoon,  the owner of Johnny's Tavern says it's a big week for his business.

"If it's anything like last year, which we think it will be, we're going to see if substantial increase in our business," Witherspoon said.

Witherspoon added that he's gearing up for the week ahead to make sure the restaurant has plenty of food and alcohol to accommodate Royals fans who plan to take in the game watching their flat screens.

Jeff Pinkerton an economist with the Mid-America regional Council says having Kansas City in the national spotlight could be the greatest economic impact of all, if people watching the game around the world make future plans to visit Kansas City. He adds that the city couldn't pay for the free publicity it's getting by being in the World Series.

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