No need to check your hearing, Joe Buck did indeed pay the Royals a compliment

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NEW YORK — The 2015 postseason experience has been filled mostly with highlights for Kansas City Royals fans, save for one glaring exception: FOX Sports commentator Joe Buck.

Fans have been vocal in their displeasure with Buck since the 2014 World Series when San Francisco Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner seemed to be the object of his never-ending affection.

Some fans even took to their own airwaves┬áthis postseason to provide an alternative to FOX’s number 1 play-by-play man.

With that perceived disdain, many may be shocked by what Buck had to say to MLB Network’s Christopher Russo on Sunday before World Series Game 5. The two recapped the series, and after extolling the Royals’ attitude and grittiness, Buck also had this to say about the team.

“This is my 18th World Series, I can make the case that this is the best team I’ve covered in 18 years,” Buck told Russo on his MLB Network show ‘High Heat’.

An incredulous Russo retorted by asking about the Yankees, perhaps about the 1998 New York team that won 114 games and lost only two in the postseason en route to a World Series win over San Diego. Buck proceeded to lay out his case.

“Well, different than the Yankees; they can go one through nine in their lineup. They’re balanced, left, right, left, right, left, right. Their bullpen is good,” Buck explained.

“The difference is in the rotation; they don’t have the dynamic 1, 2, 3, but they don’t need it because the bullpen is that good and that deep. So if they’re not the best, they’re right there with the best.”

Fresh off of that segment, one may surmise a bit of an accord was reached between the fan base and Buck… but if Twitter is any indication, that’s not the case.

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