Honest stranger tried repeatedly to stop receiving woman’s private mail

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. – A woman said she had no idea her insurance company was mailing private medical documents to a man living at her former address. Sam Thompson, who was receiving the documents, said they were mailed to his Northland home for years. He said he spent the past seven months trying to alert Humana staff that they were sending documents to the wrong person.

“Not even at gunpoint would I be a member of Humana the way I have been ran around,” Thompson said.

Glenda Keith, who the documents belong to, said they contain sensitive information like her social security card number.

“It could have been an identity theft, very, very easy identity left,” she said. “There is information to my insurance company from the drugs that I take, the pharmacy notes, maybe some medical records.”

Keith said she used to live at the address Thompson does, but that was five years ago. She said she switched her address with Humana but said they dropped the ball. Thompson said for years he marked the mail “return to sender,” and would drop it back in his box, but it kept coming. Then, he called Humana himself to alert them of their mistake.

“I was on hold again for 20 minutes and then somebody came back on and said the complaint department didn’t want to talk to me because I wasn’t a member,” he told FOX 4.

After receiving more mail, Thompson said he called again. He thought he was heard because he said a representative promised the problem was fixed. However, a week later he received another piece of mail.

“Apparently they switched people that took complaints and mine got lost,” he said.

Thompson said he never heard back from Humana, but FOX 4 tracked down Keith so Thompson could return her medical paperwork to her. Hours after reaching out to Humana on Monday afternoon, Keith said the insurance company called her to apologize.

Humana issued the following statement to FOX 4:

“Thank you for bringing this situation to our attention. We take the protection of private information very seriously and we will look into this matter immediately. We will work with those involved to resolve the problem as soon as possible.”

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