Local kids spot-on Obama costumes break internet

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- People crowded around the local version of the President and the First Lady on Halloween and even snapped a few photos.

The five and six-year-old cousins are garnering attention even beyond the metro area for their creative costumes.

"People were totally in shock, they walked in the mall, arm-in-arm, like they were the president and his wife, and people would come up, may I shake your hand Mr. President?" says Ashli Austin, who came up with the costume idea with her cousin.

Their kids, Aliniah and Jayden, dressed as Michelle and Barack Obama for Halloween.

"We were trying to top our costume idea from a couple years ago," Austin adds.

In 2013 they dressed up as Ike and Tina Turner - which she says was a huge a hit, so this year they wanted to stay away from the traditional costumes again.

"We were trying to do something different, think outside the box," Austin says.

Austin says her five-year-old daughter Aliniah and her cousin, six-year-old Jayden, were taken aback at first at all the attention, but they warmed up to it.

"I'm a star," jokes Aliniah Wilson, who dressed as Michelle Obama, "They said 'Oh, I love your costume, you look so pretty!'"

"I got too much candy!" says Jayden Proctor, who dressed as Barack Obama.

But the attention went beyond just trick-or-treating in the Kansas City area. The First Lady herself got word of the costumes.

"First Lady, Michelle Obama, she re-tweeted, and posted it on her Instagram, and we were so grateful for that, and Aliniah was excited to know that the First Lady actually got to see the picture," adds Austin. "We never thought that she would respond to it, let alone re-tweet it, or even call her mini-me FLOTUS."

Aliniah's great grandmother made her costume by hand, and Jayden's mom ordered his suit on Amazon.

Jayden says it was his first time wearing a suit and he felt important.

"It made me kind of look like a real President," Jayden says.

The family says this year's costumes will be tough to beat -- but they have another great idea up their sleeves for next year.

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