Faith and determination lead local teen to create charity to serve needy people

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GRAIN VALLEY, Mo. -- When he was a small boy this week’s FOX 4 young achiever would sometimes go along with his dad to his workplace in downtown Kansas City and he’d see the homeless people and others in need on the streets.  That made a lasting impression on that boy.  And now, with remarkable heart, faith and initiative, he’s doing something about it.

When it comes to sports baseball is everything to Dalton Forge.  He’s a hard-throwing pitcher and power hitting first baseman for Grain Valley High School and a top metro area competition team.  From the moment he first showed promise in this Dalton set his goal.

“I’d love to go pro,” said Dalton.

And if he does?

“I’d always had the dream to make millions someday,” said Dalton.

And becoming a wealthy Major League Baseball star would lead Dalton to his other main goal – to build a big charity organization to help homeless people and others in need.

“Picking people up on buses and then taking them to what I’d call a dream center or a home for them and get them back on their feet,” said Dalton.

Dalton already has a jump-start on that dream.  With his family’s help and support from his church and a few friends who volunteer he’s started a project he calls "People for Change."

“It’s topped anything I’ve ever done,” said Dalton. “Nothing tops the feeling of serving people.”

They collect donations of food, clothes, coats, blankets and personal care items and take them to the main downtown Kansas City metro bus stop at 10th and Main to distribute to people who are struggling financially.

“We set up and we just make an assembly line thing and they sit, eat, talk and then go on their way,” said Dalton. “It warmed my heart and it warmed others around me.”

They’ve done it three times already, each time serving 150-plus people. Three more visits are in the works.

“It’s because I care about them and all the people that are serving care about them and that there is a purpose to what is going on,” said Dalton.

When he launched People For Change, it was pretty much uncharted territory for Dalton.  He had no real experience doing a charity or community service project like this and no one in his immediate family or circle of friends had either.  And yet , he says, he had complete confidence he could pull it off.

“I’ll give you one answer,” said Dalton.  “That’s Jesus Christ.  Prayer.  It works.”

His Christian faith is huge for Dalton, the biggest influence driving him in People For Change.

“Dalton has really become a servant type of leader,” said Brandon Smith, youth pastor at New Life Assembly of God Church in Oak Grove.

Dalton and his family worship there.  Smith encouraged Dalton to move forward on his project.

“(Dalton) really cares about the heartbeat of God,” said  Smith, “and you’re never more like Jesus than when you’re serving.  And Dalton has learned that.  He’s trying to show people that you mean something to someone out there and you mean a lot to me.”

But what if Dalton doesn’t become a MLB star?  What if he never makes millions of dollars?  What happens then to his dream of helping people?

“It doesn’t stop, I can say that,” said Dalton.  “We’re going to keep growing.  “It’s going to become big.”

Dalton and his group are scheduled to make their next visit downtown in mid November ahead of Thanksgiving. They also have one planned around Christmas and another one in January. They’ll need a lot of donations. You may be inspired to want to help Dalton in his project with contributions or volunteer support.  Dalton’s phone number is (816) 728-1241.  His mother, Rolinda’s, phone number is (816) 547-5725.

You can also connect with them on Facebook, visit their page at this link.

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