Family grateful kindergartner is safe, incensed with Grandview school bus mix-up

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- The Grandview School District admits a kindergarten student was put on the wrong bus this past Monday, but the family says there is no excuse for losing their little girl. She ended up back at the bus depot, on a bus that family insists she shouldn’t have been riding.

Mattie Dean told FOX 4 she showed up to Butcher-Green Elementary on Monday afternoon to pick up her six-year-old granddaughter, Tatciyana.

“I left her in their care and she`s gone,” Dean said.

Dean says she or the girl`s aunt picks the kindergartener up from school every day. That`s why the grandmother says she was shocked and angry when she learned a substitute teacher not only sent the girl home on a school bus for the first time, but she was put on the wrong bus.

“She said I`m not a car rider. She said, ‘you`re a bus rider.’ I was thinking of jumping off the bus,” said Tatciyana.

Dean says the school offered few answers.

“She should`ve never gotten on that bus, period. Then she`s on the wrong bus and they can`t find her, and hours later she`s on the back of a bus up under a depot that they were supposed to check,” said Dean.

The district says a bus driver found Tatciyana about an hour-and-a-half after school let out, in the back of a bus, at the bus depot. Administrative staff took her back to the school. The district admits to a “lapse in communication that occurred during the mishap." But the district says at no time was the student left unattended.

“Of course she`s scared, it`s dark. Nobody`s on the bus with her. You don`t know where they are and you don`t know what somebody`s doing to them, that`s the worst feeling in the world,” said Dean.

The district says at the time the buses left the building Monday, no one was there to pick up the child. Dean says there is nothing that excuses the error.

“If I were to leave her in a car at the gas station, somebody pulled up and called the police, I`m going to jail and they`re going to take her. I would be held responsible,” said Dean.

Dean says she expects the same of the district. And while there are questions surrounding what happened, the grandmother says one thing is certain.

“I thank God that she`s safe and that she`s here. One thing I know, she won`t go back to that school,” Dean said.

The district says it`ll be able to learn more once they speak with the girl`s regular teacher. Meanwhile, the family told FOX 4’s Megan Dillard they filed a police report on Wednesday, as they accuse the district of neglect.

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