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Hundreds of fans gather for a chance to meet and greet Royals shortstop Escobar

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INDEPENDENCE, Mo. -- Fans are still basking in the World Series victory, as are some of the players. People started lining up at the at the Independence Center Macy's at 8:30 Wednesday morning to make sure they’d be one of the 200 lucky people to get to meet shortstop Alcides Escobar, and get a signature or photo with him.

The event didn't begin until 6 p.m. and required fans to purchase at least $50 worth of merchandise in-store to be signed.

Hundreds more gathered in the store just to get a peak at the World Series champion.

They talked to him about the leadoff inside the park homer to jumpstart the World Series for the Royals, and his flag he held up during the parade, thanking Kansas City for their support.

“To win the World Series is the best gift to give to the city, and give it to the fans, yesterday those guys was unbelievable, like half-a-million people to give us that support, that’s incredible,” Escobar said.

Even though some of his teammates have already headed out of town, he said he just wanted to soak up the excitement with the fans.

“Everybody’s happy, this city is so crazy right now, and I’m crazy too because we are World Champions,” Escobar said.

“He’s just a really cool amazing down to earth guy,” Amanda Fleeman said.

Fleeman's 13-year-old daughter brought a photo from the last time she met Escobar, right after last season's World Series ended. She said Escobar was kind enough to pose for a picture with her that time as he walked through Walmart.

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