KCK family victimized by fire set back again after home burglary

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KANSAS CITY, Kan. -- A family from Wyandotte County says they can't catch a break. Someone burglarized their home in the Argentine neighborhood Halloween night, as they're still recovering from a fire that took everything they owned.

Physically ill. That's how members of the Glackin family told FOX 4 News they felt on Sunday afternoon. They'd just returned from an out-of-town trip to visit family, when they found their home had been robbed and ransacked.

When Genelle Glackin's husband, James, checked the family’s garage door, she says he found thieves had pryed a padlock away from the door, and a number of racecar motors and associated parts had been stolen.

“He jumped out of the car and ran into the garage and noticed that a couple of motors were gone and his motorcycles were gone,” Genelle Glackin said.

Add to her list -- family banking information, several televisions, and their daughter's racing go-kart and dirtbike too.

“Once we realized what had taken place, it was 'do we want to stay here? Do we feel safe here?” Genelle Glackin asked rhetorically.

“(The motorsports equipment) means a lot to us because we do it a lot,” Naveah Butler, Glackin’s daughter, said. “Can we have it back please?”

Glackin points to fresh tire tread in their dirt driveway, where crooks may have parked a big truck used in the robbery. Glackin estimates the total loss at $40,000.

“I don't feel safe here with my children during the day. I don't feel like this is anywhere. I still want to raise my kids,” Glackin said.

The theft comes less than two years after a December 2013 fire, which cost the Glackins everything they owned. Genelle's dog , Athena, was killed in that fire. She says thieves even took the dog's ashes and urn.

“Somebody knows what took place. We just want our stuff back. If things are returned, we won't pursue any charges. No questions asked,” Glackin said.

Glackin told FOX 4 News it's her top priority to recover her dog's urn and ashes. She says having them stolen is like losing a family member all over again. That fire happened the day after Christmas of 2013, when an early morning blaze leveled the family's home on 42nd street. The Glackins were alerted to the fire when a family friend, a seven-year old boy named Damarion Scott, woke up everyone in the house,warning them to run for their lives.

Genelle Glackin says the family is rebuilding their home on that same site, and living in a small recreational vehicle while they do. The Glackins are offering a reward to anyone who offers information that leads to an arrest. Genelle Glackin says tipsters are welcome to contact her via her Facebook page.

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