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These Google secrets will help you search smarter

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The tips and tricks to help you find more specific results on Google.

Google has gotten really good at finding answers for us, but there are ways to tweak your search terms to help you get even more specific.

Secret #1 - Limit Your Results
You can limit your results in various ways.

Limit to a specific site or type of site by using the term site:
For example, search just educational institutions by typing in site: edu [TRY IT]
Want to find a garage sale sign? Try searching filetype:PDF [TRY IT]
or a presentation? Try searching filetype:PPT [TRY IT]

Secret #2 - Quick Calculations
Can't find your calculator? Just Google it!
Type your math problem in the search bar!
Use an asterisk (*) for multiplication, a slash (/) for division, and (+) and (-) for addition and subtraction. [TRY IT]

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 5.27.54 AM

Secret #3 - Get Recent Results
You can limit your results by time. Once you hit search, you get an option to narrow down your results. Just click "search tools" and then click "any time" and you'll get a drop down selector to choose just results from the past hour through the past year.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 5.26.15 AM

Secret #4 - Find a Specific Phrase
If you want to find a specific phrase or quote just type the words in quotes. Don't know the entire phrase? Put an asterisk (*) in place of the word you don't know. [TRY IT]

If you don't want a word included in your search, just put a minus sign (-) before it with no space.

Secret #5 - Search by Picture
Want to know more information about a photo you have? Just go to and drag and drop the picture into the search bar. Google will find similar images and web pages that contain similar looking pictures. Handy for finding out what a plant, animal or landmark is, or for seeing where your online date got their profile photo.

Secret# 6 - Get personalized results

If you use Gmail you can get personalized results when you search Google. Only you can see them! You can search for your packages, flights, reservations and even photos if you store them in Google Photos (which I highly recommend you do!) Remember, you must be logged into Gmail for these to work. Try searching:
my reservations [TRY IT]
my flights [TRY IT]
my packages [TRY IT]
my photos of sunsets [TRY IT]

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