Fans turn to crowdfunding in an effort to ensure Alex Gordon remains with the Royals

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- It seems there are GoFundMe pages for just about anything these days. Some Royals fans are using crowdfunding in hopes of raising enough money to to keep their favorite players who have become free agents .

"We started it so we could raise money to keep Alex Gordon on the Royals team," said 12-year-old Cody Murrow, who recently created a GoFundMe page with his father Rick.

"A notification on my phone popped up that Gordon`s a free agent now, and I just kind of showed it to him, and we both just kind of got sad all of a sudden," Rick said.

The 31-year-old left fielder opted to turn down a one-year player option to stay with the Royals for 2016, and is now a free agent.  Smart money says Gordon could make close to $100 million with his next contract for several seasons.

"I wouldn't really see him anymore," Cody added.

"He`s been the face of this team for a long time, it`s baseball, it`s a business, I understand it," said Cody's dad.

But Cody and Rick weren't ready to throw in the towel -- kind of like their favorite player and the Royals.

"They play hard, and they never give up," Cody said.

"It would be hilarious if we were to raise that kind of money," added Rick.

More locals have created pages for other free agents, like Zobrist, but the Murrows are hoping they can raise enough money to keep the longest-tenured Royal.

"I didn't want to have to watch another team," said Cody.

"Initially I had set it to $90 million, the report said it was going to take probably a five year contract and $90 million," Rick said.

And based on Tuesday's parade attendance...

"800,000 people, giving a couple bucks a piece, would add up very fast," added Rick.

Cody feels even more connected to the players after meeting some of them through the Royals and Chevy's Junior Starting Line-Up program -- where certain kids are selected to go out on the field and meet players.

"Cody was recently diagnosed with Adrenal Insufficiency, which means his body produces no cortisol," Rick explained. "He actually got to go out on the field before the last game against the Cleveland Indians, meet Alcides Escobar, got his signature on a baseball."

The Murrows say they know it's a long shot... but trying can't hurt.

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