Problem Solvers update: Man keeps home; con man back in court again

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Looking older and pudgier than when FOX 4 Problem Solvers last spoke to him six years ago, long-time con man John Dewey Lim appeared before a judge in Johnson County, Kansas on Thursday.

Lim is facing two felony counts of writing bad checks, relatively routine charges for a man who has spent much of his adult life behind bars for everything from computer fraud to defrauding a store out of more than $100,000 in jewelry.

Problem Solvers has spoken to several women who are worried that Lim may soon be back on the street and are trying to get police and prosecutors to charge him with defrauding them. One woman said she lost thousands of dollars to Lim who was posing as an international businessman as recently as last year.

Lim is due back in court again next month. For now he remains behind bars in Johnson County.

Back in Kansas City, Mo., there's good news for James Roberson. He's the 78-year-old man who was about to lose his home. FOX 4 Problem Solvers learned about Mr. Roberson from the president of Crossroads Credit Union where he banks. President Judy Cardoza was worried he was being taken advantage of when Mr. Roberson's mortgage company PHH Mortgage sent him a foreclosure notice.

"Mr. Roberson comes in and purchases a check once a month for his mortgage payments," said Cardoza. "If that money is not being deposited by PHH into his mortgage account, where is it going?"

Cardoza asked for our help to find out. We called PHH Mortgage, which re-examined Mr. Roberson's account and made some corrections. However, PHH still determined that Mr. Roberson was $1,600 behind. The good news is that instead of foreclosing on his home, PHH is now working with Mr. Roberson to restructure his loan to make up for the missing payments.

That not only solves a problem, but will allow Mr. Roberson to hang on to his home.

After learning of Mr. Roberson's mortgage problems, a Fox 4 viewer wrote a check for $1728, the exact amount Mr. Roberson had fallen behind on his mortgage, according to PHH Mortgage. Fox 4 Problem Solvers delivered the check to Mr. Roberson's credit union which forwarded it to PHH Mortgage --- solving Mr. Roberson's problem. In addition, Mr. Roberson is now having his mortgage payments automatically deducted from his checks to help protect him from missing a payment in the future.

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