Fans grabbing anything Royals-related at Overland Park memorabilia show

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. -- Black Friday may not be for three weeks, but plenty of people are getting a head start on their shopping at the GT Sports Marketing Show at the Overland Park Convention Center. Royals memorabilia was a hot commodity.

The event was actually planned around the Chiefs bye week so NFL players could make appearances. Now they will be joined by Ned Yost and Christian Colon. Kelvin Herrera and Paulo Orlando appeared Friday.

Royals memorabilia takes up a good portion of the show floor.

Jerry Shroyer didn’t go to the World Series, so he says you can’t fault him for how much he spent Friday night on what at one time was seen as just a hobby for kids. It’s the first time he’s bought baseball cards since after the 1985 World Series for the Royals.

“The Royals winning the World Series has got me back interested in baseball,” Shroyer said.

Shroyer isn’t alone, people packed the Overland Park Convention Center trying to get their hands on anything Royals related, from photos to bases and balls, and boxes full of the "Boys in Blue". Kansas City area memorabilia dealer Randy Cook says the interest in the team spans far beyond the metro.

"I’ve seen more of an interest not just people who say they know Salvy, but it’s more like, 'you got any Hosmer? You got any Gordon, any Moose cards, any Cain?' That never happened five years ago, in fact I’ve heard the name Salvador brought up more than I ever heard George Brett, sorry George,” Cook said.

Increased interest, is driving up prices.

"People say, 'Randy it’s sad we are paying so much more,' I say it’s the price of success; would you rather have a loser and a $50 card or a World Champion and a $350 card?” Cook said.

Prices vary by player, but generally start about $15 for a signature and $25 for a photo. Other former Royals scheduled to appear include Bo Jackson, Bret Saberhagen, Willie Wilson and Frank White. Travis Kelce, Eric Berry and Joe Montana are also scheduled to appear. Admission is $10.