Man accused of using video recorder to look under skirts of female co-workers

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LENEXA, Kan. -- A Lenexa man is accused of videotaping female co-workers while at work, and had his own picture taken on Tuesday, but it was a mug shot. The alleged camera-tucking crime has cost Nicholas Johnson his job, and landed him in jail.

Police say in one day, the suspect hid a tiny video recorder on his body, and looked under the skirts of two female co-workers.

The outside of Trinity Consultants in Lenexa looks pretty peaceful and unassuming, but inside police say Johnson wronged two co-workers.

“He contacted two different co-workers, both female, and asked them to come into the office,” Officer Dan Friesen explained.

Investigators say back on July 10, after the two women walked into Johnson`s office, during separate occasions, they had no idea he had the video recorder tucked away on his body.

“He had fashioned some sort of video recording device. He had all that already running and set up, you know, as he`s calling them in,” Friesen said. “The camera lens was on his foot.”

Investigators say the accused privacy invader positioned the camera, that was hidden in his sock, close enough and recorded under the two women`s skirts.

“I don`t know how he had it attached to a recording device, but they were able to see what he was doing and figured out what was going on,” said Friesen.

Johnson bonded out of jail, but is charged with felony breach of privacy. A spokesperson at Trinity Consultants gave FOX 4 no comment when asked about this story.

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