Community leaders get a glimpse into city’s foster care and court system

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Community leaders will take  part in one of four "Journey  Home Bus Tours"across the state Friday, which is a bus tour of the Jackson County court system to get a firsthand look at how difficult the court system can be for kids in foster care.

Currently, there is a record number of kids in foster care on both sides of the state line.  Statistics show that many of those kids who age out of the system at 18-years old end up homeless, they don’t graduate from high school and end up back in the court system that was meant to help them.

The goal of the "Journey Home Bus Tour" is to take the 40 community leaders on the same path a foster child would take.   They will be given a fictional child's identity and at the end of the ride, they will find out their fate based on real statistics.

For foster kids who age, which means there are no more services for them, there is a new program to help them transition to living independent lives.

"Our goal is to help them find a job find housing find appropriate education so that they become successful adult and not another bad statistic," Martha Gershun with CASA said.

The bus tour begins at 8:30 a.m. and runs until noon. It is sponsored by the Midwest Foster Care and Adoption Association.