Customers find Kansas City Ballet tickets much more expensive on secondary websites

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- For the first time in 38 years -- the Kansas City Ballet has made some changes in the Nutcracker--- everything from costumes to choreography.

And the Kansas City tradition is facing changes in the marketplace, too. Some websites are taking advantage of the demand for tickets by re-selling tickets at a higher price, just like Royal's playoff seats, and it's perfectly legal.

So if you're looking to see upcoming performances of the Nutcracker at the Kansas City Ballet -- you might want to double check the website and price of the tickets before purchasing them.

"Someone who isn't really used to buying ballet tickets, perhaps, the first thing they see on the website might be called Nutcracker KC, it sounds like it might be right... it`s not right," said Jeffrey Bentley, the Executive Director of the Kansas City Ballet.

Bentley says they've gotten some calls from concerned customers about unusually high ticket prices.

"We had another customer call who wanted a refund, because after she bought them she discovered that it wasn't our website that she bought them from. We can`t help them, because we never got that money," Bentley said.

He says this isn't a new issue - but there's an increase in websites selling tickets for double, triple, and sometimes seven-times what the Kansas City Ballet is selling them for.

"These companies are basically re-sellers of tickets, buying tickets off of our website, and then on their own websites, which usually end up being above ours on the screen," Bentley said.

He says it's because of the demand for the brand new Nutcracker Suite opening December 5th.

"This is a brand new production, new sets, new costumes, new props, new choreography," added Bentley.

He says the Kansas City Ballet raises money every year to keep ticket prices as low as they can, he says their highest ticket price is around $120 -- for the best seat in the house.

"We feel terrible that these customers think we charge them that much, because most people don`t differentiate between the re-sellers and the Kansas City Ballet... they think they`re buying them from us," said Bentley.

Click on this link for the actual Kansas City Ballet website to purchase tickets.