Local teacher endures unnerving afternoon waiting for news about family in Paris

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- One local woman had a worrisome afternoon as she waited for news from her family in Paris. The news came back that her sister was too close to the action for comfort.

As a fifth grade teacher at French immersion school, Academie Lafayette, Dorothee Werner teaches her students about French culture every day. Werner lives it too; she's a native of Paris, and it's where many members of her family still live.

"I have two sisters and a brother in Paris and many, many nieces and nephews, so I called, and I couldn't get a hold of them while I was in the grocery store, so that was pretty panicky," said Werner.

Werner eventually heard from everyone. One sister was at the soccer stadium where France was playing Germany, when explosions started going off. Her sister is okay, but all of this hits too close for Werner.

"It's just so random that it makes you, it's very unnerving. It's hard for me being far from my family, you know, I can't just see them and hug them. It's just very sad," said Werner.

Werner says the district in which the attacks happened would have been packed on a Friday night, it's an up and coming area. She knows her students will be full of questions next week, and she plans to teach them through this experience.

"They know where I’m from; they've met my family members, so there's a real connection," said Werner.

But through this all, she hopes to teach her students how to be good citizens of the world.