Seattle Fish Company expands, puts emphasis on getting fish to stores faster

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RIVERSIDE, Mo. -- Seafood being sold in Kansas City is even fresher now thanks to a brand new warehouse that just opened.

The Seattle Fish Company recently moved from the East Bottoms into a $5 million facility in Riverside off 9-Highway and Mattox Road.

The new building keeps the temperature at a constant 35-degrees; the lighting is better so cutters can carve off bad spots on the meat; and it allows workers to be more efficient, getting fresh fish out to restaurants and grocery stores faster than ever.

"Our goal is to turn everything in two days," Seattle Fish Kansas City general manager, Scott Godke said. "We get it in and we get it out as quick as possible."

This seafood distributor imports more than 400 types of fish from all over the world, including places like Mexico, New Zealand, Scotland and Hawaii, getting it from the ocean to your dinner plate faster than ever.