Competency concerns abruptly halt second day of Jacole Prince trial

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- A detective testified on Tuesday that a 10-year-old girl removed from her mother`s home three years ago wore a toddler`s size two T-shirt, but then Jacole Prince’s trail came to an abrupt halt.

Prince is charged with locking her daughter “LP” in a closet and depriving her of food, and Tuesday was the second day of her trial. Prince`s attorney told the judge he has some competency concerns and would like to have his client evaluated by a doctor for the second time.

During testimony on Tuesday, “LP” told the court that Prince, “who used to be her mother, left me in a closet.”

The prosecutor says “LP” and her two sisters have all been placed with new families.

“LP’s” foster-mother testified that when she took the little girl into her home in June of 2012 she weighed 41 pounds, wore a size 3 and 4T and had the developmental level of a 4 or 5-year-old.

The foster-mother said the 10-year-old knew her colors, couldn`t read or write, but she could spell her name. She said “LP” could only count to 20 and could sing the alphabet, but couldn`t recognize letter and numbers.

A Kansas City police detective said when he interviewed the child at the hospital, he asked her about being left in the closet.

“She said she wouldn`t be let out of the closet and she would go to the bathroom on herself, and her mother would get mad at her and punch her in the back for it,” KCPD Detective Robert Roubal said.

“She seemed emaciated. She looked smaller than what she should have been for her age,” he added.

The foster-mother says “LP” is now a 14-year-old 7th grader who weighs 110 pounds. The judge says he wants Prince in court at 8:30 and he will determine if the case will proceed as scheduled.