FOX 4’s exclusive look inside Henry Bloch’s Mission Hills home

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MISSION HILLS, Kan.  -- Back in July, the founder of H&R Block announced he was donating two dozen of his priceless paintings to the Nelson Atkins Museum.

Now for the first time, FOX 4 had the opportunity to speak with Henry Bloch and hear why he decided to donate the pieces of art.

"If you consider the alternative, what would I do with it?" Bloch asked. "I have four children, we'd have to divide it up. We could sell it, but I didn't want to sell it."

Over the years, Bloch has collected famous works from Van Gogh, Monet, Manet and Pizzaro, to name a few.

As he gave FOX 4 a tour of his Mission Hills home, Bloch showed us the replicas the museum made him to replace the originals. Every painting is still in its original frames, but while the original paintings are locked up at the museum, the artwork on his wall are all digital copies.

"They really exceeded my wildest desires," Bloch said. "Exact same size. Exact same, and I would say they look better than the original, if that's possible. You'd have to compare them. The museum is currently in the process of renovating a wing to display this gift and plan to open it up to the public in 2017."