Victim testifies in Jacole Prince trial, says Prince didn’t treat her well

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Tuesday marked the second day of the Jacole Prince trial.

Prince stands accused of abusing her daughter, locking her in a closet.

The girl, known only as LP, testified about her time living with Prince. She called Prince by her first name and said she's her old mom. LP also said she didn't like living with Prince because Price didn't treat her well.

LP's foster mom also took the stand. She said when LP first arrived at her house she was 3’ 8” tall, weighed less than 40 pounds and walked with a limp. LP said the beds were too soft and her foster mom would sometimes find her sleeping underneath her bed.

A few weeks later, LP's feet started to swell and she complained about being tired. Doctors diagnosed LP with heart damage and she had a heart transplant. LP will be on at least three medications for the rest of her life.

Her foster mom says she has developmental issues. LP is 14-years-old, but has the mind of a 10-year-old. She's learned to read, write and count, which something she didn’t know how to do before.

Her foster mom adds that she still struggles with understanding time, such as today, tomorrow and next week. She also has a hard time understanding the changing of the seasons.