Wayside Waifs hopes to find forever homes for dogs, cats rescued from hoarding situation

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GRANDVIEW, Mo. -- More than two-dozen animals were rescued from a rural home in central Missouri. Their futures are now here in the metro.

Staff members from Wayside Waifs were called to help the animals after the two owners of the animals realized they were in over their heads with more than 30 dogs and cats in their home.

"Deplorable conditions, just unsafe place for all these animals, and Wayside jumped in," said Casey Waugh from Wayside Waifs.

In total five puppies, five adult dogs, and 17 adult cats were rescued from the home which was described as a hoarding situation.

"On one side, it was a very loving place, the people there cared about each and every one of the animals," explained Waugh.

The owners apparently knew each one's name, the names each still have now, but they realized the animals weren't in the best conditions.

"None of the animals should be living there, it was unhealthy and unsafe," explained Waugh.

But in a matter of days, many will be able to find new, healthy, safe homes with the help of Wayside Waifs and pet lovers in Kansas City.

There are a few kittens still in the house that ran away into a hole in the wall while rescuers were trying to catch them, so more kittens may be coming to Wayside Waifs. Three cats were allowed to stay at the home by the Department of Agriculture, but they will be spayed or neutered so they can't reproduce.

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