Still no answers after 9 years in disappearance of UMKC student

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Nine years and there are still no answers for a metro family. Saturday marked the nine year anniversary since Jesse Warren Ross went missing. The UMKC student was in Chicago for a Model UN conference when he disappeared.

"We are essentially not really further along in the investigation than we were at that time,” said Donald Ross, Jesse’s father. “We want news but at the same time you are reluctant because you don’t know what news you are going to get and it might not be what we want.”

Investigators said Ross was last seen around 2:30 a.m. at The Sheraton Office and Towers Hotel in Chicago, possibly heading out to walk to his hotel about ten minutes down the street.

“We are caught in a revolving door, we have no answers, there’s no resolution and it never gets any easier,” said Donna Ross, Jesse’s mother.

The only new leads over the years in the case have been false sightings, according to the family. Donald Ross said a truck driver in Texas thought he saw Jesse and also a couple in Florida.

“People don’t just vanish, somebody knows what happened to Jesse,” said Donna Ross.

Jesse’s case gained national attention, being featured on The Nancy Grace Show, Vanished with Beth Holloway and America’s Most Wanted.

If you have information about the case call the Kansas City Tips hotline at (816)-474-TIPS or The Chicago Police Department at (312)-744-8266. ​