Couple squaring off with AAA after they say insurance company reduced size of home

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- In January, Rick and Sue Herrera suffered a devastating loss when their daughter Sue Sue died in a fire at their home. The Herreras sought comfort knowing they were fully insured. The day after the fire, the Herreras say their insurance adjuster from Auto Club Family Insurance Company, also known as AAA, seemed puzzled by the size of their home.

The Kansas City couple says they later learned AAA had their home insured for 3,617 square feet instead of 7, 531 square feet. The Herreras thought it was a clerical error that could be easily fixed.

“They told me there is no error. You have a 3,617 square feet home, end of story,” said Rick Herrera.

They say AAA paid two separate claims, one for a new roof in 2010 and another for water damage in 2011, and the Herreras say the specifications for both claims noted the home’s size.

“During the inspection, instead of correcting the problem, they took off after the roof and somewhere between the flood they took off another 950 square feet,” said Rick Herrera.

The Herreras say with every claim the square footage on their home was reduced in the AAA paperwork. The Herreras have filed a lawsuit claiming AAA intentionally reduced the size of their home without their knowledge. The Herrera’s attorney, Patrick Doran, says homeowners need to check their policies to make sure they’re covered for what they’re paying for.

“If this can happen to the Herreras with an insurance company they trusted, it may happen to other homeowners as well," he said.

Doran has asked the Missouri Attorney General and the Missouri Department of Insurance to look into AAA’s business practices. FOX 4 news twice sought comment from AAA insurance on this matter, and so far we have not received a response.