Gardner officers take part in No Shave November to raise money for young girl with cancer

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GARDNER, Kan. -- On the Gardner Police Department Facebook page, you’ll notice a picture of clean-shaven officers. That was taken on November 1, the beginning of No Shave November.

Normally officers aren’t allowed to grow beards; it's part of the image they’re trying to uphold. But there are always exceptions.

“Some people grow beards faster than others, it can get pretty shaggy. But we still have to keep a professional image so we do keep it trimmed and proper,” said Corporal Robert Huff with the Gardner police.

The exception is for No Shave November. Donate the money you spend on shaving and grooming to aid in cancer prevention. You grow awareness by embracing facial hair, which many cancer patients lose.

“A lot of guys have chipped in and participated. We’ve got some pretty good beards going around the station,” said Cody Waggoner.

The station raised more than $700 that will help a little girl with stage-four cancer. It’s a cause that hits close to home for Huff.

“My father is a cancer survivor twice now, prostate cancer. He’s been through a second time in remission,” he said.

Twenty-two officers went through a month without shaving. Even female officers were able to participate. They donated money and could sometimes be seen sporting a fake beard.